• Enhance dream recall


Handpicked by canoe in the Algonquin wilderness, sweet gale is a light flavourful herbal tea which

is said to enable one to have more memorable dreams.

Lucid Dream Tea is not a sedative but has an immediate calming effect.


Tea(s) from: Hand-picked and ethically wildcrafted in the Canadian wilderness. 

Caffeine content: None

General brewing instructions: Heat water to 185F/85C. Steep for 3 to 4 minutes. May be rebrewed for 2 to 3 infusions. 

Gourmet hints: Plain or with honey. 

Steeped aroma: fruity, fresh, lively with floral and honey undertones. 

Taste: Full body with delicate, earthy, low notes rounding out the mouth.

The Algonquin Tea Co. - Lucid Dream Tea

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  • Organic Ingredients

    Sweet gale

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