UNGARBAGE MAGAZINE  was created to actively seek and inspire new ways of living that free us all from the societal pressures, discrimination, and oppression from the systems we live in.


There’s the trash we produce, the trash we consume, and the trashy ways we treat each other.  A complete garbage system that has us tied in a loop of the never-ending search for happiness, if we are privileged enough to get it, and an endless battle to fight for justice and equity, if the design purposely left us out.


The only way out of this landfill is to admit the hard truth of what got us here and rethink what really matters to us as humans, rebuilding a world where everyone gets equal opportunities and resources are utilized sustainably. We cannot get one without the other. We must reclaim our inner power, believe in our vision, and relearn to connect with our true unique selves while acknowledging our interconnectedness to everything. Here’s to doing the work of ungarbaging our world together.


Ungarbage Magazine

  • About The First Issue

    All and nothing. Right and wrong. It, not it. Our ego traps us in mind-bending contradictions, hiding the beauty in everything.


    We’ve been following rules of the book on being without ever questioning it. Now’s the time to brainstorm who we want to become.


    We’ve created this first issue with over forty collaborators from around the world. Writers, artists, photographers, and activists came together to deliver the message we all need to hear.
  • Sustainably Printed

    The first issue is 144 pages, with a Perfect Bound, printed in Canada on offset presses in high quality 100% recycled paper.

    Planted trees with Print Relief to offset the paper used.