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Organic Fairtrade Coffee from Sumatra – 340g Whole Coffee Beans in a Jar

Delve into the deep flavors of dark roast whole coffee beans, ethically sourced by Alternative Grounds from the lush landscapes of Central Aceh, Sumatra. Each 1 litre mason jar contains 340 grams of robust beans, crafted to provide a rich coffee experience with every brew.

Tasting Notes:
Discover a bold profile with notes of dark chocolate and figs, underscored by an earthy undertone and a hint of brown sugar. The rich, full body of this coffee makes each cup uniquely satisfying.

Sustainable and Ethical:
These organic and Fairtrade certified beans support ethical trade practices and economic growth for the farmers of the Permata Gayo Cooperative. Your purchase aids in sustainable farming and improves the livelihoods of coffee communities in Sumatra.

Key Features:

  • Organic and Fairtrade Certified
  • Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans
  • Sourced & Roasted by Alternat