We’re here to help zero-waste your life.

Place your order online and we bring it to your home or business, picking up your empties – just like the milkman used to do. It virtually eliminates the waste stream – from the factory to your home and beyond.


Saponetti Inc. (inspired by Ital. sapone = soap) is Toronto’s first and only soap delivery company offering premium, Canadian-made, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, soaps and detergents for home and personal care.

We bulk-buy our products and deliver them to you in refundable glass mason jars.

These fabulous products arrive to us for the most part in 20 litre containers that, once empty, are retrieved, sanitized and refilled by the manufacturers.

We started Saponetti for people who want the convenience and savings of purchasing fabulous soaps in bulk, without the throwaway factor.


In it for the long haul

Saponetti goes to extremes to minimize our net environmental impact. As we grow, we continuously invest in the greenest equipment, vehicles and delivery systems. We want to take a big bite out of Toronto’s plastic use and reduce our city’s dependency on fossil fuel-derived products.


Why do this?

Each time we buy a bottle of liquid soap, another plastic container becomes destined for the blue bin, where it enters a big, dirty waste stream. Less than 11 per cent of Canada’s plastics get recycled. Almost all of it is made from petroleum oil, so there’s a sizeable percentage of geopolitics in every gram of the stuff. And all that recycling requires trucks and facilities that burn energy and generate waste and pollution.

Saponetti Infographic_new-01.png

Our commitment is to provide sustainable choices toward a future that relies less and less on obsolete products like single use plastics. Saponetti does everything in its power to eliminate waste and prevent plastic from entering our landfills and waterways. Like our customers, we are passionate about returning our environment to a greener era.

Saponetti Infographic_new-01.png