Toronto Tea Festival Winner!

The classic milk oolong tea, hand-picked from the high mountain tea farms of Nantou County (Taiwan), made popular by the wave of “Bubble Tea” shops which have become a big hit across Canada.

Oolong is a partially fermented tea that shares benefits from both Green and Black tea.

Light on caffeine, smooth in flavor, high in anti-oxidants, with a touch of honey and any milk, makes this perhaps the ultimate cup of tea.


Organic Ingredients: Organic Jin Xuan Oolong 

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: Taiwan

Region(s): Nantou County

Antioxidant Level: High 

Caffeine Content: High

Instructions: Boil water and steep 3-5 min.

Organic Milk Oolong Tea

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    Oolong Tea

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