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Saponetti is Toronto's milkman service for soaps and detergents since 2016. 

With our Home Essentials, we bring you premium, Canadian-made soaps and detergents without the burden of more single-use packaging to the environment.


All our soaps and detergents are manufactured in an Ecocert-certified facility and are sold exclusively in refundable mason jars, allowing customers to refill their pre-existing plastic containers at home.

Returned jars are cleaned, sanitized and refilled.

The jars can be returned to the store of purchase, directly to Saponetti, or to any collection site in the Circulr network for a deposit refund (signup required).

washing machine

Saponetti Home Essentials 
Laundry Liquid

Fragrance-Free or Lavender

Wash your clothes with confidence, knowing that no harmful chemicals will be left behind. Non-toxic and biodegradable, our liquid laundry detergent provides a deep clean for your clothes, conserving the brightness of colors, helping to protect your fabrics from aging and fading, and caring for the earth at the same time. 

  • $0.19/load

  • Up to 50 loads per litre

  • Biodegradable

  • Baby and sensitive skin

  • Effective in cold water

  • Septic system safe

1 litre Saponetti fragrance free Laundry jar
Saponetti mason jar with Dish-Tabs

Saponetti Home Essentials Dishwasher Tabs

These all-in-1 tabs will take your dishwasher's cleaning power to a whole new level.
Just load your dishes, pop in the tab, and let the dishwasher do the work.
The water-soluble wrapper dissolves completely, leaving nothing but clean dishes and peace of mind.


  • Water-soluble pouch

  • Phosphate and
    Chlorine free

  • Pre-wash action 

  • Water softener

  • Grease dissolving 

  • Clean rinsing

  • Super shine

  • Corrosion protection

  • Glass & silverware protection

Open Dish Washer with clean dishes
1 litre Saponetti mason jar with Lemon Dish soap

Saponetti Home Essentials 

Dish Soap 2X Concentr.

Fragrance-Free or Lemon

Washing dishes is hard on your hands. Our Fragrance-Free Dish Soap is made of 100% natural ingredients, including a moisturizing formula that is gentle on hands yet tough on dirt and grease. An ultra-concentrated formula means you only need a small amount for a clean wash every time.

washing dishes in the sink with green rubber gloves
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