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Saponetti is Toronto's milkman service for soaps and detergents since 2016. 

With our Home Essentials, we bring you premium, Canadian-made soaps and detergents without the burden of more single-use packaging to the environment.


All our soaps and detergents are manufactured in an Ecocert-certified facility and are sold exclusively in refundable mason jars, allowing customers to refill their pre-existing plastic containers at home.

Returned jars are cleaned, sanitized, refilled and recirculated.

Jars can be returned directly to Saponetti or to any collection site in the Circulr network for a deposit refund. Signup required.

Saponetti Essentials Fragrance-Free
Hand & Body Soap​ 

Fragrance-Free or Lavender

Discover our Hand & Body Soap in Fragrance-Free and Lavender, offered in a refillable mason jar to promote zero-waste living. This gentle liquid soap cleanses hands, body, and face while moisturizing the skin. The Lavender variant is scented with essential oils for a subtle, soothing aroma. Perfect for all ages, our eco-friendly soap is crafted in Canada, free from synthetic fragrances, foaming agents, and petrochemicals. Embrace sustainable skincare with our naturally caring soap.

Saponetti Home Essentials 
Laundry Liquid

Fragrance-Free or Lavender

Wash your clothes with confidence, knowing that no harmful chemicals will be left behind. Non-toxic and biodegradable, our liquid laundry detergent provides a deep clean for your clothes, conserving the brightness of colors, helping to protect your fabrics from aging and fading, and caring for the earth at the same time. 

  • $0.19/load

  • Up to 50 loads per litre

  • Biodegradable

  • Baby and sensitive skin

  • Effective in cold water

  • Septic system safe

Washing dishes is hard on your hands. Our Fragrance-Free Dish Soap is made of 100% natural ingredients, including a moisturizing formula that is gentle on hands yet tough on dirt and grease. An ultra-concentrated formula means you only need a small amount for a clean wash every time.

Saponetti Home Essentials 

Dish Soap 2X Concentrated

Fragrance-Free or Lemon

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