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4 Ways to Shop at Saponetti

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Saponetti is proud to offer four zero waste ordering methods that honour the circular economy– ensuring no extra waste is created! We believe sustainability should be convenient, even delivery which is why we offer emission-free delivery on all orders.

1. In-store

(BYOC and borrow-a-jar options available)

Walk-ins are always welcome, five days a week! You can bring any type of closed-lid container you would like to have filled, but please make sure they are clean and dry.

If you bring glass jars, please only use containers that aren’t chipped or damaged. Curious why we ask for clean and dry containers? Check out the FAQ below.


Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Wednesday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Thursday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

2. BYOC Refill Drop-Off

(BYOC and borrow-a-jar options available)

Want to refill your personal containers without entering the store for health and safety reasons? (Trying to limit contact exposure, for example, or live with an immunocompromised human.) Schedule a time to swing by the store to drop off your containers for a contactless refill experience.


  1. Check the products you want to purchase on our site to see if they are in stock.

  2. Select your time slot here:

  3. Please prep your containers by rinsing and drying them, then labelling each with the name of the product you want.

  4. Any other item you wish to include in your order can be written on a list.

  5. If you prefer not to step inside the store, just push open the front door for the bell to ring, and we will come to meet you.

  6. It takes our team 10-15 mins to compile an average-sized order. Feel free to wait or come back to pick up your purchase at your convenience.

Need items but don’t have a container for them?

No problem! You can borrow ours, and we’ll just add a $1.25 deposit per jar as part of our bottle-return program.

3. Delivery

We’re proud to offer same-week emission-free delivery thanks to our partnership with The Drop and their electric vehicles. Place orders at any time for delivery within 3 to 5 business days. For same-week delivery, place your order by noon on Tuesdays.


Deliveries are scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays, depending on your location. Due to the range of the vehicles, we can only offer delivery within Toronto at this moment. Check out this map to see if you fall within our current delivery zone.


If you have empty containers you borrowed from Saponetti, our delivery team will pick them up and return them to the store, where our team will issue your deposit refund coupon code via email. If you have not received your deposit refund yet, or some containers were not accounted for, send us an email at, and we’ll help you out.


We kindly ask that you give our empties a thorough rinse to help keep our cleaning and sanitization process as eco-conscious and environmentally sustainable as possible. Soap residue left in jars loses moisture over time, leaving a super sticky, almost invisible film behind that requires extra work - and water - before sanitizing the jars. (if you’ve ever placed a soapy container in your dishwasher or just run it under the tap, you know what we mean!)

4. Store Pickup

Ordering online for pickup is a great option if you need your goodies within a couple of days. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be available Tuesday, all other orders will generally be available for next-day pickup unless otherwise stated. To place your order, head to


If you are trying to limit contact with people, you are more than welcome to call the shop and mention that you would like us to leave your bags outside the door upon arrival. We are here to make your experience as safe and convenient as possible– times are crazy, and we get it!



Why do my containers need to be clean and dry?

Topping up containers that still have soap residue from the previous batch can cause bacteria and mould build-up, contaminating your freshly refilled product. Similarly, if a container isn’t dry and the soap mixes with drops of water, it can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. At Saponetti, we prioritize keeping products in their optimal states, which is why we offer to refill for you!

Do I need to buy the plastic bottle from Saponetti if I don’t have a container to refill?

Nope! We have a glass bottle deposit program (part of our mission to reduce unnecessary amounts of plastic containers floating around). You can apply your deposit at checkout on your next order online and in person.

Should I clean my containers for refilling at home?

Yes, please! The same rules apply as stated above– top-ups seem like the right move at first; however, water and soap residue can increase your chances of mould and bacteria. For products that touch our skin, this is extra important to help avoid skin irritation and preserve the product's integrity (mouldy soap won't fight bacteria on our surfaces and dishes the same way).

How do I properly prep my container for a refill?

We recommend prepping containers the night before. For containers with a little bit of soap left inside, we recommend pouring it out into a small glass or plastic container with a lid (we do this at home, too), then rinse the big container and lid under the faucet until they run clear, then leave them on a clean surface to air dry. We also recommend you clean your pumps and sprayers by pumping/spraying water through them until they run clear. Then pump/spray in the air until all the water comes out and you are just seeing air. Remove the plastic dip-tube and let it air dry alongside the container.

Protip: When cleaning your dish soap containers, pour the sudsy water into bowls or large empty vessels to use on your next dishwashing adventure– it’s a great way to save water and soap!

Do I have to return my empty containers in person?

No. Our delivery partner, The Drop, can pick up all empties when they deliver your next order. The morning of your upcoming delivery, place all containers inside your Saponetti brown bag or another of your choice and leave them outside for pickup. If you live in a house, put them on your porch. If you are in an apartment or condo, place them downstairs by the main entrance as delivery won’t come to your floor.

What is the difference between a Curbside Refill and In-store shopping?

Curbside Refills are a great way to refill your personal containers without needing to come into the store. Whether you are trying to reduce your contact with other people or want the freedom of knowing you won’t have to wait in line, Curbside Refills are the way to go.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to refill my personal containers?

Nope! You are welcome to pop by anytime during store hours; however, you may have to wait in line as we only allow one person in at a time.

How long does it take for a pickup order to be ready?

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be available Tuesday (as we are closed Sunday and Monday), all other orders will generally be available for next-day pickup unless otherwise stated.


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