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How To Plastic-Free-July All Year Round

It’s that time of year again! Plastic Free July is a global movement created to inspire individuals, communities, governments and countries to come together to be part of the plastic pollution solution. Targeting single-use plastics, the #plasticfreejuly campaign encourages folks to rethink their activities throughout the month and challenge themselves to reduce and refuse single-use items where possible.

This Plastic Free July we want to inspire you to explore Toronto and discover the new businesses servicing local communities with reusables. The circular economy is alive and blossoming in our city and there are many ways you can enjoy the things you love most without contributing to the take-make-waste consumption system.

Stay tuned to our social media feed and this blog all month as we fly the #plasticfreejuly flag to celebrate some of our favourite local reuse innovators that will fire up your enthusiasm for sustainable alternatives.


Have you ever wondered why the only option for to-go meals and drinks is a one-way affair to the landfill? From styrofoam clamshells and plastic-coated cardboard food boxes to coffee cups, plastic lids and eating utensils - all of it is landfill material. Or, even worse, incinerated, releasing toxic pollution into the air.

Other countries, like India and Japan, have been delivering food in reusable containers since, well, since they’ve been delivering meals, period. Our co-founder, Nikki, lived in Japan in the late 80s/early 90s and can attest to the deliciousness of a traditional meal delivered via scooter in reusable bento box-style containers. Once the meals were finished, they would leave the containers outside the door for the restaurant driver to collect 2-3 hours later. A zero-waste take-out experience, except for the piece of plastic film covering the miso soup and the plastic grass garnish common with sushi. Not perfect, but infinitely better than the current take-make-waste model.

Luckily in Toronto, you can participate in a take-less, make-less waste experience for your favourite take-out and order-in meals with these inspiring businesses.

Muuse is your new best friend for take-out coffee, tea & to-go snacks from some of Toronto’s snappiest coffee bars and local markets, with zero guilt about single-use packaging waste. To join is free. Just download the app and get ready to check out a reusable container on your next to-go purchase at one of their 25+ participating partner locations. Check them out on Instagram here or on their website

Suppli - Love to order dinner in, but the packaging waste makes your head spin? Meet Suppli, delivering meals from your favourite Toronto restaurants in reusable containers. It’s easy - sign up on their new web-based app to select from a range of irresistible options from local restaurants. Check them out for the next time you order. You will love them! Visit them out on Instagram at or on their website

Inwit is a zero-waste take-out food experience for households and catered corporate meals for businesses delivered in a circular packaging system. It’s easy - order online for pick up or delivery, and rinse + return to any of their partner restaurants within 7 days. You earn impact points when you return your containers that are redeemable at partner restaurants. Rewards for good habits! Learn more at or on Instagram at

Reego is Toronto’s reusable cup share program. Request Reego at one of their partner coffee shops, pay a deposit for the cup and lid, and when you’re done, return to any participating business. Easy! Find out more at and visit them on Instagram at

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